We are experienced in the creation, management, litigation, licensing, valuation, purchase and sale of Intellectual Property for large global companies, helping maximise the value of your firm’s IP. From expanding your business portfolio, researching a market or selling a patent, please talk with Ken and Phil to see how Agora IP can help.


Ken Milne



Ken is an engineer and lawyer who has worked with businesses across many different industrial sectors in the UK and internationally for over 30 years. In his capacity as an in-house lawyer with large multi-nationals, and in private practice, he has successfully advised clients on IP and product strategies; the sale, licensing and monetisation of all forms of IP; IP disputes, acquisitions and disposals; collaborations, research, trade controls, and delivered a series of key lectures. As a lobbyist and commentator, Ken has influenced government policy as well as the drafting of legislation, including the EU’s Trade Secrets Directive.

Phil Barnes



Phil is a Patent Attorney with experience in both private practice and in-house. He has worked for over two decades in the IP industry and has helped many clients monetise their IP portfolios, via litigation of patent assets and design assets both in the UK and abroad, settlement agreements, mediation, arbitration, and negotiating and agreement commercial agreements to license, cross-license and sell IP assets including patents, brands and designs. He has also assisted with client IP portfolios to support both fund raising as well as in M&A processes to acquire IP along with client businesses, including due diligence support and assistance with negotiation.